Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Avi and Raizel have been home for nine months now, and I am so interested to find that I really don't feel like an "adoptive family" at all. It's just us and our four kids, normal as can be. The only time I am reminded that we're a little out of the ordinary is when we walk into a store and I realize that we really are quite a sight when we're all together. Avi and Raizel are every bit a part of this family as Amirah and Eli.

And everyone is doing really well. Avi is a sweet toddler who likes to cuddle (he's resting his head on my knee right now). Raizel is a 2-year-old, full of spice and vinegar. Loves to play yes, no, yes, no, and has a big imagination. Eli is growing out of his 3-year-old tantrums and more and more feels like a 4-year-old boy (3 more months!). Amirah loves learning, especially torah, science, math, history, music, and art. Reading and writing are lower on the list. :) Science is definitely #1 on her list. And this mommy, who is powered by hugs and kisses, has plenty in her reserves to keep her going for a very long time. And life with four kids feels leisurely, full, happy, and interesting. Which isn't to say that there's never much to be done. There is a TON of stuff, especially now with a move on the horizon, but day-to-day life has a pleasant broadness to it. At least until everyone is asleep, then I feel the pressure of the million other things that have to be done. But while I am with them, time is broad and we are soaking up every moment.

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