Friday, February 20, 2009

Great Post

Here is a nice, brief article by one of my favorite bloggers. My favorite part is the blogger's last sentence: Parents concerned about socialization with peers don’t always recognize that the most important socialization is with parents, and begins at birth.

I absolutely believe that this is true. Social skills are primarily learned in the family. The rest of the world is there for us to learn to navigate with the tools given to us by our parents. This is why when some non-homeschooling parents ask me (re. homeschooling), "Aren't you concerned about socialization?" I can only reply, "Aren't you?"


mother in israel said...

Thank you for the link and the compliment! So far yours has been the only response to that post. It looks like you're doing well.

KE said...

Wow! A celebrity blogger comment. :) Thanks for all your blogging work. You're an inspiration! Shavua tov.

mother in israel said...

What a nice thing to hear, but don't repeat it or my head will swell. Your story is inspiring too.