Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Story Time

Albert and Icky Get Surprised
by Amirah and Eli Earlix

Once upon a time, there was a giant lion who drove a giant race car. The giant lion was called Albert and the giant race car was called Icky.

One day, Albert went to the grocery store. He saw a giant piece of butter. Icky the race car thought the butter was food, so Icky ate it. Well, the butter was food, but not car food. He did not like the butter. He liked gas.

Icky and Albert left the grocery store and went to the sea. When he saw the water, Icky said, “Let’s go swimming!”

“Yes!” Albert shouted.

In the water they saw a giant shark. The shark swam to them. The giant shark tried to eat Icky and Albert, but they did not taste very good and he spat them out.

They saw a big whale, a blue whale. It was going to eat krill. Icky and Albert watched the whale. They were a little afraid. Albert liked watching the whale, but made Icky a little nervous.

Icky decided to get out of the water. Albert saw a big piece of ham. He threw the ham to the shark. The shark ate it, but that’s okay because he wasn’t Jewish.

A big monster truck came out of nowhere and gobbled up the shark. The shark was quite surprised to be eaten by a monster truck. The monster truck tried to set off a big rocket but it couldn’t do it and it burned up. Albert and Icky were quite surprised.

Then a jumbo jet came from the coast. It was flying to the east and its engine was still on. The noise scared Albert and Icky. Albert and Icky were so scared that they tipped over.

Then a car zoomed over them. It was another race car. His name was Race Race Race Car. He broke a building and went into the ocean. He covered up Albert and Icky with sand and a blanket. They fell asleep and dreamed about being pretty.


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