Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mommy Brain Doozie #2

This one is hilarious. Much funnier than forgetting about being asked to do jury duty.

My husband got a cell phone (yay, tracfone) last fall. For $9/month we thought it was worth the "splurge" (since to us it is a luxury, not a necessity). There are many times since then that I have tried to get a hold of him for one reason or another. Maybe 2x per month or so. I always called the number that we had written on the dry erase board next to the telephone. He never answered it and always said,"I must have not heard it ring." or "Maybe it was turned off." Okay... but then why have a cell phone???

This is what happened today. I was scurrying around to get the kids packed up and ready to go out the door. On Tuesdays we pick Dean up at 3:50, they drop me off at my students' house to teach 2.25 hours of piano lessons at 4:15, and they go to swimming lessons then come back to get me. Quite an elegant piece of orchestration.

At 3:30, I could not find my purse. I went out to the car and discovered I had locked it in the car on Friday and not driven the car since then. Of course, my keys were in the purse. I tried the lock box where we keep spare keys but the code had been "changed." (Not really; just mommy brain doozie #1.5.)

I called Dean's cell phone. 8 times. Got the voicemail every time. With the message in my voice, as it always was. It went right to voicemail which most likely meant that the cell phone was turned off. I desperately tried his office number one more time, and he answered. I blurted out my problem (it was now 3:45 and time was ticking). B"H he was able to sprint out of his office, and by a fluke the bus did not pull away at exactly 3:45 like it usually does. He was on his way home.

A few minutes later I got a call on the phone. The caller id showed a number I didn't recognize. It was my dear husband telling me all about how, by the grace of Hashem, he was able to catch the bus.

"But who lent you their phone????" I asked.

"Huh?" he replied. "I'm calling from my own phone."

"WHAT???!!!!??? But that's not your number!!"

I repeated the number from the caller id.

"Um, yes dear," he replied. "That's my number."

I didn't remember ever having heard or seen this number before. "But I thought your number was XXX-XXX-XXXX!" "Um, no dear, that's your number."


Oy, vey. All this time, these many months, I'd been trying to reach my husband at my own cell phone number. No wonder he never picked up. At least we don't run into any important communication problems via the normal route!!!! Baruch hashem.

In the end I got to piano lessons only 20 minutes late and they still got to swimming lessons on time. Not too bad.

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