Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Grape Juice

I just finished (finally) getting the last of the grapes out of the freezer that we picked in the fall. We got a total of 18 gallons of grape juice from about 150 pounds of grapes. That makes it about $10.42 per gallon. The regular stuff (Kedem) goes for $12 per gallon when it's on sale, so not a huge cost savings, but it does taste so much better!!!!!!! Definitely worth the picking, juicing, and canning labor. We got a great deal more grape juice from the grapes than we thought we would. Maybe the steam juicers extrude more juice or something. We use a gallon of grape juice every 6 weeks. So that makes enough grape juice to last until the fall of 2010. If we blow a bunch on pesach, maybe it will run out in the summer of 2010. :) In any case, next time I think we'll pick 80-100 pounds, not 150! Hopefully it will make it without much loss of flavor until then. According to what I've read, it should still be fine... we hope!!

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