Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In Shock

The insurance company's "independent" appraiser came out Friday to appraise the car. The whole time he was here I davened (prayed) that he would come close to "our" appraiser's appraisal of $4600. But I still didn't have complete emunah (faith) that he would. I was thinking if he came in at $3000 that would still be much better than our insurance company's offer of $2100, and they would work out a compromise offer. Then we'd see if we would go to getting a third mutually-agreed-upon appraiser to settle it or not.

Dean just called and said the appraisal came in at over $4000 (I forget what Dean said... $4100 maybe?). So, now the two appraisers will work together to agree on a final value. Then the insurance company will make us their offer. The car is still totalled since the repair costs came in at $4100. We can fix the window and one broken plastic piece for about $500 (window is already fixed), and drive around with a couple of dents on the roof (cosmetic damage only). Hooray! It's looking good. I'm not sure what the State Insurance Commission does when the inital offer is less than 50% of the appropriate value. Sounds like lowballing to me. Oh, well. That's their worry, not ours!

Back to learning time...

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