Friday, October 2, 2009

Blue with the Flu

Well, it's been quite a few days. All of us got hit by the flu, to varying degrees. The kids pulled through it in record time, but this mama really got bamboozled. Stayed in bed for 43 hours straight (thank you, dear husband). A little better today, though. At least I can keep my eyeballs open and my body doesn't feel like it was run over by a truck. Sweat, chills, 103.5 fever last night... UGH! I seem to be coming out of it today, though. I'm just so relieved that DH could stay home yesterday and today. The best thing yesterday was to discover that lying down unable to read, talk radio took the edge off and kept me distracted enough that I could lie there much, much more comfortably (thank you, Dr. Laura and Dave Ramsey!). So we got the sukkah up, and while it's not yet beautiful at least it's UP.

And for dinner??? Ummm...

Soda water?


Well, actually we had a big family outing to Trader Joe's, so...

baked chicken
mashed potatoes
mixed baked vegetables

and for lunch...

I'm throwing some canned tomatoes, ground turkey, beans into the crock pot and hoping for the best...

And for yom tov on Sunday? Ask me on Monday what we had. :) I figure there's always tuna. OY. Wish I had more in my freezer stock, but I've been minimizing building up my freezer supply since we're hoping to move soon, soon, soon (please, Hashem!).

Anyway... better put together that dinner which I probably won't eat. Happy Sukkot to everyone!

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