Friday, October 9, 2009


The doctor's pretty sure we all are recovering from swine flu. In Oregon (or maybe it's just planet OHSU?) they only test you if you require hospitalization, but not if you're recovering. Not sure why exactly. Where do those statistics come from anyway??? I'm the only one who still has symptoms other than fatigue. Wheezy chest that won't quit, and we can't find a vaporizer ANYWHERE! Seriously? Every drug store only sells humidifiers. I've been daydreaming for days now about the cooling mists of our lovely (now broken) vaporizer. I got an albuterol inhaler, but the dosage they gave me doesn't seem to do much for me. That's always the case with me. I always seem to need 50-100% above a normal dose to affect me at all. Oh, well. I don't really want to tank up on albuterol. I really just want my vaporizer!!!! I tried using Amirah's nebulizer, but it's such a small amount of vapor that comes out, and it's terribly noisy. Sigh.

Despite it all, we've been doing about half of our learning time, keeping up with the core classes and skipping things like history, science, and art. So, all is still going well. I just can't wait to be fully back to normal. The doctor said that could take up to SIX WEEKS. Gevalt.

We've had some entertainment along the way... Saw a couple of really good movies - Gentlemen's Agreement and The Visitor. The first movie was made in 1947 and is about a man who pretends to be Jewish for several weeks so he can write a magazine article on antisemitism. We both thought it was incredibly well-done, except for the ending where he definitely got back together with the wrong girl. Oh, well. The second one was utterly charming and a little teary. Highly recommend it.

And for more entertainment... I've been working on the taxes (we always file those extensions...). We never got tax id #s or social security cards for R&A (oops.... kept avoiding taking four young children to the long line at the social security office). Sent DH over today to file. Figured we would file our taxes without the kids now, then in two weeks re-file the proper forms with their new social security numbers. No problem for Raizel's, but it turns out that Avi has three different birth dates listed - October 10, October 11, and October 15, depending on which piece of paper you look at. So we have to go to the immigration office downtown to straighten it out first. I wonder if we get to pick it, or what?? I think 10/10 sounds nice, and that's what we've been planning on. But his actual birth certificate says 10/15. Of course, it's all just one big guess anyway since we don't know his actual birth date. Maybe we should just go for it and celebrate all three! We need to process their re-adoption/citizenship paperwork too to finalize everything, but since we keep thinking we're moving any month now, we don't want to start the process in one state then not be able to complete it. Oh, well.

So, Avi, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, and Happy Birthday! Almost!

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Mildred Q. Meussdorffer said...

10/15 is Moshe's birthday too! So I'm slightly biased towards that date...10/10 does have a nice ring to it, though.

Hope you feel better very soon! I'm sending cooling mists your way.