Thursday, October 29, 2009

Weekday Menus

Sunday - red lentil soup and salad
Monday - rice noodle spinach cheese lasagna (worked great!)
Tuesday - felafel tacos with lime cilantro coleslaw
Wednesday - Amish oatmeal and poached eggs
Thursday - black bean tostadas with lime cilantro coleslaw (good thing we love the stuff!)

And this shabbat is the Great Gluten Blowout before DH goes in to get his blood tested on Monday. The test can be done without going back onto gluten, but you usually get better results if you have gluten in your system. So watch out, gluten, here we come! Challah, chocolate cake, his favorite veggie strip/avocado/lettuce/tomato sandwiches, and dulce de leche cinnamon rolls. Might as well go out with a bang. After that, probably back to gluten-free living, which actually isn't that big a deal. We don't eat tons of gluteny stuff as it is, and most of the things we do have can easily use a tapioca flour/rice flour combination replacement. The only sad part is not having real, live bread, especially challah. Small sacrifice, though!

And guess what you do if you can't have challah on shabbos? After your meal is over, you have an extra glass of grape juice/wine, say a l'chaim, and drink it down. That's enough to make the shabbos meal considered "festive." (And, of course, you don't wash for bread or anything...) Doesn't work for pesach, though. For pesach, we'll be making a considerable investment in gluten-free oat matzo. Wahoo. Maybe it tastes better. :)

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