Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekday Menus

cream of carrot tarragon soup
baked potatoes with tofu sour cream
green salad

gluten-free pizza

black bean tostadas with guacamole, tofu sour cream, salsa, and cabbage w/lime juice and cilantro

gluten-free pancakes with blueberry sauce

Definitely the best meal was the tostadas. The beans with the lime cilantro cabbage is one of my all-time favorite combinations.

We're nearly positive that DH has celiac disease, meaning he likely can't tolerate gluten of any kind. We'll find out for certain in the next week. New culinary adventures ahead! The only real roadblock seems to be that gluten-free challah is an oxymoron. (And so is bread of any kind, for that matter!) We're not sure what to do about bread for shabbos, though. Gluten-free matzo is more than $20 per pound (!).

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