Friday, December 4, 2009

Interesting Trivia

The first five planets in the solar system have had Hebrew names for over 2,000 years. The remaining planets have names that are just the English names, transliterated into Hebrew. Israel's Academy of the Hebrew Language (which governs modern standards for grammar, transliteration, etc.) has narrowed the proposed names down to just two per planet, and now Israeli citizens can vote on what those names should be.

The proposed choices for Uranus are "oron" (oh-RONE) or "shachak" (sha-CHOK). "Oron" sounds similar to "Uranus" and means "small light." "Shachak" means "sky" and reflects the meaning of "Uranus" which is "god of the sky."

The proposed choices for Neptune are "rachav" (rah-CHAV) or "tarshish" (tar-SHEESH). "Rachav" refers to the power of the sea and "Neptune" is the god of the sea. "Tarshish" is a stone that is the color of the ocean that was on the kohen's breastplate.

I personally like "oron" and "rachav" but I'm not an Israeli citizen, so I can't vote! :) I'll be interested to see which names win!

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