Friday, December 18, 2009

The Menu

Ahhhhhh, shabbat............

salmon gefilte fish with dill sauce
butternut squash soup
potato latkes
caesar salad
carrot sweet potato puree
roasted zucchini, mushrooms, and onions
pear crisp

and for lunch...

cabbage rolls

And Savta is here for a few days! The party's in her room every night. :) And the last night of channukah is tomorrow night. Such a sweet, simple-to-celebrate holiday. It's been very nice.

Other than that, we're anxiously awaiting some possible job news - a job we like in a location we really like! We're supposed to hear by the end of the week, so hopefully that means tomorrow. He did get told unofficially that they wanted to hire him; we're just hoping it will become official very, very soon or we'll positively explode. It's only been two days, so I shouldn't be complaining! :) I'll share all the details after it's official. So, please, daven that this should be the right job for us!!!

I've been not so good about writing about our learning time. I've been a bit distracted this last week or two! It's going well (of course, I always feel that way!). I sat down to check our progress, and for most things we're around 60% of the way through what I wish to achieve this year. We're nearly 50% of the way through our school year, so it will work out really well to take a month-long break to (please, please, please, Hashem!) move and get settled. If this job works out, we'd like to move before the end of January. We are so very ready to get settled somewhere.

Channukah sameach!

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