Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekday Menus

turkey egg drop soup
cabbage tofu egg rolls
Chinese plum sauce

lentil cheese casserole

slow-baked chicken with barbecue sauce
cabbage salad

pancakes and eggs

spanakopita and green salad

Not the most frugal week this week, but we sure enjoyed that mid-week chicken! I've gone cold turkey on buying any snack foods (granola bars, bagels, crackers, etc.) and it's been very easy to keep up with our snack needs by making all of our own. So... instead we'll have meat one weeknight per week. Probably alternating three pounds of chicken one week with a pound of ground beef the next in meatloaf or cabbage rolls or meat sauce. Some recipe that stretches the meat out so that one pound feeds all of us.

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