Monday, March 1, 2010

Freiliche Purim!

Our first Savannah purim was lovely! Eli and Amirah went to shul with papa for the early megillah reading, and I went to a house around the corner for the late reading for those of us with young children.

This morning we finished filling our shalach manos bags with oranges, bagels, and peach hamantaschen. Then we made our deliveries hither, thither, and yon. Then to a carnival with lots of inflatable jumping things and later a community seudah at the shul. The kids all had such a great time! This is the first purim in a while where I feel like the arrival of purim didn't completely take me by surprise.

Amirah and Raizel were princesses (just like in real life). Eli was the Haberdasher of Habersham (Habersham is a street near us). Purim night he was all dressed up in a suit and vest and looked quite dashing. And Avi mostly refused costumes, but we did get fish hat on him just long enough to take a picture. Hope everyone had a freiliche purim!

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