Thursday, March 18, 2010

What a great few days! Highlights include...

•an afternoon at Forsyth Park with bikes in tow (while I was wishing for four pairs of eyeballs!)

•having DH home (St. Patrick's Day is an official SCAD holiday)

•getting our Georgia driver licenses

•going to Skidaway Island to visit the aquarium and walk the nature trail (WOWIE!!!)

•getting the last of our pesach supplies (except produce!) - barbecue, and vinyl tablecloths for lining kitchen, KLP cottage cheese and yogurt to use as starter (YES!!!)

•a little more planning then cleaning, but still a good bit of cleaning...

•discovering Bobo Seafood Market - line out the door, hole-in-the-wall on a not-fancy side of town, hard to park, clean and fresh-smelling, fantastic whole fish; we bought snapper (frozen until shabbos) and flounder (ate it tonight - YUM!)

•the purchase of a pesach barbecue (just a $25 portable propane-powered one); we'll keep using it beyond pesach

•DH working with rabbi, SCAD board of directors, and HR to get his "reasonable accommodation" of working on Sundays in lieu of Jewish holidays approved (please, Hashem!)

•meeting and chatting with the author of this book; he is on sabbatical and at SCAD for two terms and specializes in psychology and creativity

Tomorrow, back to our learning time after a vacation day today.

Happy Thursday!

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