Friday, March 5, 2010

The Menu

Ah, shabbos. B"H! I'm pretty sure Hashem did the cooking today too. Either that, or I was sleepwalking. Actually, I was probably sleepwalking, since I can't seem to fall asleep until 4:00 from all the coughing I keep doing!! Hoping that day #12 of this cough means it's almost over... I've had a bug for 28 of the 41 days we've been here. I rarely get sick!

For tonight:

teriyaki crockpot chicken
cabbage salad
stir-fried eggplant
brown rice
miso soup
apricot cake

For lunch:


- surimi/avocado/cucumber
- omelet/sweet potato
- cucumber
- cucumber/cream cheese
- avocado/cream cheese/green onion

plus miso soup and salads

plus a nap, or two or three...

Good shabbos!

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