Monday, March 1, 2010

Tybee Island

Today we had a lovely afternoon outing to Tybee Island to play on the beach. A dead battery only delayed us for about forty-five minutes. We got there around 4:00, walked out on the long pier, then played in the sand for a little while before going to pick up papa. The beach is wide and long, and not many people there today in the middle of the week in late winter. We saw many wonderful sea birds, talked to several very nice people along the way, peeked in the windows of the marine science center right after it had closed for the day, and went on our way.

Here is a path up and over to the beach, or you can walk
through the pavilion out onto the long pier.
(I could almost imagine I was on the MB pier where I grew up!)

Eli's mouth was agape because he was looking at what's in the next picture...

Just beautiful!

Avi enjoyed it too.

Playing in the sand was fun too.

Then off to pick up my hard-working DH. The building in the
center is the mid-19th-century building where his office is.

And this is the square where the Bigs play if we get to
papa's work a few minutes early. Notice the cobblestones!

Most of the time I just look around and can't believe we're actually living here. I thought Portland was a beautiful place and that we'd never find a place to live with a Jewish community that was as beautiful. I was dead wrong, and Savannah pretty much comes in ahead of Portland in that regard.

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