Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Book Review: The Lost Treasure of Chelton

We all enjoyed it very much. The language is less complex than Nancy Drew, but not as simple as The Boxcar Children. Satisfying enough. The mystery was a good adventure, and the Jewish parts were *very* well done and not cheesy. There are two families in the story—one not-observant family visiting for a 7-week vacation, and a rabbi and his family. Throughout the course of the book, the first family becomes increasingly interested in learning more about being Jewish and their interactions with the rabbi and his family are very sweet. There is nothing terribly contrived to make this fit into the plot of the story. So... 10 thumbs up from the Earlix family. Everyone is eager to read more by the same author. Now to pick something off our shelf for our vacation, and await the arrival of eight more Nancy Drew mysteries from a member of my Well-Trained Mind group.

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