Monday, November 8, 2010

Hold Onto Your Seats

Here's what's on the list for this week...

daily davening + parsha stories
starting parshas Lech Lecha (w/ta'amim!)
Hebrew speed reading
tefillah reading practice
Hebrew suffixes for their/them

counting by 1s, 2s, 3s, etc. through 9s
adding three 3-digit numbers together
working with inches/feet/yards and centimeters/meters
speeding up math facts (Flashmaster)

Language Arts:
independent reading daily
McGuffey reader - 2 stories per day out loud
spelling workbook
narration and dictation from literature
defining/identifying predicate adjectives
cursive writing practice

It's all about rodents this week, and maybe catching the ten escaped crickets in Amirah's room! We'll do a nature walk w/sketchbooks too, I'm hoping. Also supplementing some of our rodent study with video clips from Discovery Streaming or (previewed!) videos from YouTube.

Aboriginal Australia and Kingdom of the Franks (yes, completely disparate subjects, but pressing ahead to get to the very interesting period of Islam taking over Spain, etc. We'll be lingering there for quite a while; lots of interesting topics to explore during that time!)

Printmaking (pouring very thin layer of black paint onto hard surface, scratching a picture in the paint, then lifting the picture off by pressing down a piece of paper).
Eraser pictures (covering paper in very light charcoal, blending it with a paper towel, penciling in a drawing, then erasing either the positive or negative space).

Feeling kind of organized. It was a great day today. A lot got done around here and around the house. We're picking out the new flooring for the learning room and music room. We're thinking we may just go ahead and try installing the floor ourselves. We've been wanting a circular saw anyway, so this would be a good excuse. If we get stuck, we can always call a floor guy after all. Got a long shelf installed in the dining room which had been mounted elsewhere in the house when we moved in. It's perfect for shabbos candles, etc., so it's nice to have that there. Had a wonderful, wonderful shabbos with great company. Planned the meals for the week. Simple, since we ate kind of fancy over shabbos. :) Dean went to check out a table from Craigslist that supposedly seated 12, but it didn't pan out. Didn't seat 12, and the leaves were partly from a different table (!). Oh, well! Patience... Or build my own... Really like that idea still... :)

The weather has cooled down quite a lot. Nice and sunny during the day, and pleasantly chilly at night. Pretty perfect right now. Looking forward to a nice nature outing somewhere this week. Ogeechee Canal?? Skidaway??

Wishing everyone a wonderful week!

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