Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Menu

Well, a day late, but we sure enjoyed it! :)

red pepper dip
squash kugel
baked potato wedges (like giant french fries)
roasted vegetables
brisket (the $2.50/lb bargain we got a couple of weeks ago)
apple crisp

and for lunch...

turkey sandwiches
potato chips (did you know they cost as much per pound as regular-price brisket????)
barley salad (w/roasted carrots, celery, cabbage, preserved lemons and mustard vinaigrette; later I added leftover olive tapenade and that perked it up a bit more)
other things from Friday night

No guest, since three kids were sick. DD spent the day out with a friend, then spent the night, so I haven't seen her since breakfast this morning!

Tomorrow... out to Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina for the day (beach!), with a few other families. Papa will stay home and beef up our security and work on some electrical things, and Eli will probably stay home with him. So... hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

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