Thursday, November 11, 2010

Strange Visitors

Last night I went to my drawing class, then a quick trip to the grocery store for a couple of things I forgot to get on Tuesday. When I got home at 10:15, three of the kids were still up. Eli proceeded to tell me that he had been in his room with the lights out playing with k'nex when a woman and two teenagers (a boy and a girl) came up to his bedroom window and shined a light inside. He told me a great many details - what they said to each other outside about the flashlight, what kind of car they drove away in, what color shirts they were wearing, etc., etc. I queried him a couple of times in the evening and a couple of times in the morning and he told the exact same details. It would be very unlike him to make up such a story, except we had been reading several Nancy Drew books lately, so it wasn't out of the realm of possibility that he was being a bit imaginative and having fun telling us a tale. But it just doesn't seem like he could have made this up. He never cracked a smile, and I gave him plenty of friendly chances to call the joke. Apparently, the episode had ended just a few minutes before I got home as he had just finished telling Amirah what he had seen. YIKES! We're going to install motion detector lights on all sides of the house, and fortunately none of those will bother neighbors so I think we'll put in fairly bright ones. If this really did happen, it was very odd and very ballsy to walk up to someone's bedroom window and peer inside. WHY? We're just going to do a few more home security things. The kids were all gung-ho for searching the grounds for clues this morning. We did look around, but found nothing out of the ordinary. If this really is an Eli tale, maybe it's just Hashem's way of telling us that we need to make our house a bit more secure. Either way, I guess the result is the same. I'm just hoping it wasn't true. A thief would be a bit disappointed at our house. Nothing much beyond an old computer. Sigh. I'm not enjoying sitting by this not-entirely-curtained window at the moment. I think I'll go do a little shabbos cooking before turning in for the night. Good night!

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