Friday, November 5, 2010

The Menu

At last, I got food ready before Friday. There's still a little to do, but all the big stuff is DONE.

Here 'tis:

For dinner...

red pepper sauce
sundried tomato hummus*
kalamata olive tapenade w/chopped garlic and preserved lemon
matzo ball soup
baked chicken with basmati rice and preserved lemon
roast veggies w/preserved lemon (yes, I'm hooked!)
roasted potatoes
pumpkin tofu ice cream
butterscotch chocolate chip squares

And for lunch (and guests!)...

dips and roasted veggies from dinner
pickled carrots (if I like them well enough to serve them!)
avocado surimi salad
cous cous with pomegranate seeds and green peppers
turkey rolls (puff pastry/mustard/turkey)
tomato salad with basil

So looking forward to shabbos, and after this one they'll be coming EARLY! Good thing I'm starting to feel on top of things. Sort of... :) Good shabbos!

*I inherited about (how much was it, EE?) 3-4 gallons (?) of diced sundried tomatoes about two years ago. They're still great and I continue to dip into them as needed. I'm sure I still have a good gallon left!

**It's a new recipe. I'll post it later if it's a keeper! It includes a healthy dose of my smoky bbq sauce. Regular cholent tastes like what we have the rest of the week, so I wanted to make something different.

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