Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Few More Hours

So many things...

Nissan, the current month on the Jewish calendar, is an important month. On the first of Nissan many years ago I became a Jew. On the 19th of Nissan, we met Avi and Raizel for the first time. And it's the month of pesach.

I'm exhausted. I didn't get nearly as much cooking done today as I hoped, but the gravlax is curing, an apple cake got baked, eggs got hard-boiled, and the charoset is all mashed up (a combination of apricots, apples, dates, and bananas, cooked and mashed). Amirah is in charge of the seder plates and will prepare the symbolic foods tomorrow. Really I just need to boil gefilte fish (easy), make matzo ball soup (stock done; just need balls!), cut up some veggies and use some for dipping and some for roasting, cook up a few lamb chops, make homemade french fries for dipping, and if I'm lucky make banana cake and strawberry sorbet for dessert (or we'll just have chocolates!). I found $2 pesach candy at Walmart of all places a couple of days ago (they had the microwave I wanted). Crazy. I got some of the most beautiful salmon I have ever seen from AL. I'm very excited about that! I took the kids out for pizza today at the community center where we also picked up our fish. Then we headed out to the park for an hour. It was a good day, even if not quite as productive in the kitchen as I had hoped.

Better try and get to sleep. Hoping tomorrow isn't too crazy so I can take a pre-seder break. We'll see!!

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