Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kitchen Almost Changed Over!

I'm hoping to do the actual kashering of the kitchen tomorrow night. I'll run errands with the kids part of tomorrow while Dean works with three others to hopefully make both yards ready for the "For Sale" sign. We'll get the car cleaned and hopefully replace the microwave that has a big crack. Good timing... now we can use it for pesach! Monday is supposed to be in the 70s (!) so I definitely want to get the kids outside most of the day and make it a vacation day. We've been so busy with house and pesach and learning time that we haven't really gone out to just play.

I'm finding myself really looking forward to pesach. We weren't here last year (thanks, EE!), so it's doubly nice to pull out my passover dishes, pots, and pans. Old friends that I haven't seen in a couple of years. And I forgot that I bought a blender last time. Exciting. Watch out, smoothies, here we come! I have so many yummy recipes that I've put together and so far I'm doing it AND staying within our regular grocery budget. Yay.

Many year-round kitchen things can be kashered and used for pesach, but I've managed to get just the right number and kinds of things that the only thing I'll have to kasher is our silverware, which will be pretty easy (boil in a big pot of water). During the year we also keep separate meat, dairy, and pareve dishes/pots/pans. Handy so the pareve (non-meat/non-dairy) stuff can be served at either kind of meal. But it simplifies things in terms of quantity (and space!) to just have the meat stuff and the dairy stuff.

So, kashering on Sunday night, shopping on Monday night, cooking on Tuesday night. Here we go!!!!!

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