Friday, April 17, 2009

The Menu

Ahhhhh... it's so nice to be back to normal time. Pesach was really nice, though. Lots of good food too. I'll post some of our favorites soon, b"n.

I thought about what delicious chametz treat could be made for shabbat dinner, and came up with.... hamburgers (!?!?!?!?!). So, that's what we're having!!!!! A little unorthodox (ha, ha) but it sounds just too good.

chicken soup (if I have time)
hamburgers with deluxe toppings and homemade buns
green salad
homemade french fries
sauteed bok choi with garlic and lemon zest
carrot raisin salad
charoset cake (leftover charoset from pesach; lots of cooked mashed dried fruits)
mango sorbet

miso soup with enoki and tofu


Yay, chametz. Yay, kitniyot. Yay, normal food!

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