Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I was astonished tonight to find that my "big" pesach shopping trip amounted to only $146! By the time pesach is over (4/16) I'll have spent only about 50% of my monthly food budget. I'm very happy about this!!

Of course, pesach isn't over yet so I am counting my chickens a little early, but I overstocked on eggs and dairy so that ought to count for part of the second half of the month. Anyway... we have some great menus planned. Now if I could just figure out a way to prepare for pesach without being exhausted. That, I'm afraid, is impossible.

I did get another chunk of work done in the kitchen, but still haven't quite finished. I just need to kasher the sink, cover the stove and counters, and kasher the silverware. And cook, cook, cook! I've found some fun new-to-me recipes, I'm armed with 144 eggs (no, not a typo... one pesach cake takes 8-12 eggs...) and a sack of potatoes. And looking forward to lots of naps. I just hope I can stay awake until the first seder is over!

The work on the garden is going really well too. B"H, we've had great workers, both on the house and on the garden. They've already put 48 person-hours into it. Probably another 48 to go, including staining the decks. Given that Sunday is Dean's only real work-on-the-house day it would have taken him 12 weeks to do what they're doing... and probably even longer since we're not all equipped for it. And I'm no help beyond taking care of the littles. :) It feels great to see it finally turning into a nice front and back yard.

Better get some sleep...

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