Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Restaurant Supplies

A few weeks ago I got the inspiration to order a few kitchen items through a restaurant supply company. The Earlix house is where glass glasses come to die, so, thanks to a friend, I got the great idea to order lovely plastic soda glasses for everyday, and a new super-sturdy glass set for meat meals/shabbat. I got twelve 16-ounce glasses and twelve 8-ounce glasses, plus twelve 16-ounce glass glasses. Very happy with them. I also got indestructible, unstainable, no-iron-needed white napkins for less than $2 each. And a nice big frying pan to replace one that had really bit the dust. And a two-gallon stock pot to replace one that had accidentally gone from pareve to dairy (don't ask...). When I completed my order (on which you state whether you are a business or residence) a BIG warning sign came up saying that the items I purchased are designed to be utilitarian, not aesthetic. You had to click that you understood this. I clicked with glee, and have been cooking and drinking away in our highly utilitarian new items. And I'm THRILLED with them. Much better quality, for much less money, as long as you don't mind them not being cute. They're not ugly, just definitely not cute. I'm a happy cook. Now I just want those industrial-powered stove burners. Or at least more BTUs than I've got right now... And I'm not even thinking of the (not very old) oven that lay broken as I had 7 loaves of bread rising... Gotta call the oven man tomorrow. OY!

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