Sunday, April 5, 2009

School Canceled

School is officially canceled this week. Monday it's supposed to be 74 and sunny. Tuesday it's supposed to be 68 and sunny. Wednesday we'll be cooking. Thursday and Friday we'll be pesach-ing. So it's official. NO SCHOOL!

I think tomorrow we'll just pack up a picnic and head out for the whole day. The weather is going to be just too, too nice and it's been a long stretch of grey drizzlies.

We're having a picnic tonight too. Taking our very chametzdik lasagna and garlic bread to the park for a picnic. Found a couple of surprises in the garage freezer. Yum.

We have some terrific workers doing both yards right now. They'll be here for three days, and after one day it already looks so much better. Dean and I worked on the garage all afternoon (and Dean worked on it all day!). He's taking yet another big haul to Good Will right now. Our yard workers will do a dump run for us too. Garage is much better too. Sure feels great.

And tonight, really, I'll get back to pesach cleaning in full force. But I think the ultimate final kashering of things will happen Monday night, not tonight. I'm in good company though. Right, ML, ER, and LS? Some people (the good ones) have the kitchen ready as much as a week in advance, and then there are us procrastinators who think we're really ahead of the game if we're ready a day early. :)

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