Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yummy Moments

This evening, eldest daughter and I were sitting up facing each other on our sleigh bed and talking... about how (sadly) our 19-year-old cat is nearing the end of his life and may need some veterinary assistance with his end of life soon. About the fun we had had today in the lovely sunny weather and about the learning we would do tomorrow. About how it was fun to daydream about the different places we might move to and what our new house (and yard!) might be like. About how rascally Raizel can be, but also how cute and sweet and funny. About how I was too tired to do a readaloud book tonight, but that I would read to her tomorrow.

And then I told her that when she was a tiny baby lying in my arms I always dreamed about a time when I would get to talk to her and find out what she was thinking. And now that time was here! My eyes glistened and she snuggled up close and we had a little hugfest. She's a yummy young daughter... nearly halfway to her bat mitzvah. I look forward to the many conversations to come.

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