Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A friend asked me what tefillos I'm doing with Amirah now and what my plans are for first grade, so I thought I'd just post it!

Here's what we are currently doing:

Modeh ani
Torah tzivah
Netilat yadayim
Asher yatzar
Birchot hatorah
Mah tovu
Adon Olam
Birchot hashachar
Kriat shema (shema/veahavta)
Eyn kelokeynu

And here's what I'm hoping to add between now and pesach:

Ahavah rabbah (through B’racha ohev amo yisrael)
Kriat shema (the rest of it)
Amidah (1st three paragraphs)
Oseh shalom

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