Monday, July 20, 2009

Fun With Salads

In a quest to up our intake of leafy greens, I'm hoping to make a nice leafy something or other every night plus one other veggie, with enough left for lunch the next day too. I made two pretty nice salads for shabbat. One had pea shoots with thinly julienned daikon radish, carrots, and cucumbers, and I made a simple lemon juice and kosher salt dressing. I thought it was pretty good, and definitely a change of pace!

Salad #2 had strawberries, toasted almonds, gi choy (like bok choy, but with smooth, easily de-bugged leaves), and a dressing that was vinegar, olive oil, salt, and apricot jam.

Salad #3 (tonight) was really good too: pea shoots (I love those!), edamame (boiled soy beans), daikon radish, and gi choy. The dressing had orange juice, olive oil, kosher salt, shallots, and white wine vinegar. Quite delicious. I'm looking forward to more new salads. It's nice to try out some new recipes. It has inspired the rest of my cooking!

Tomorrow - off to pony camp and adventures in SW Washington visiting parks, meeting up with friends there, swimming/wading in water, picking fruit, and enjoying a week of just play. And hopefully by the end of the week we'll find out if we need to start packing up boxes!!!

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