Friday, July 17, 2009

Fun Groceries

Every time I go to Uwajimaya (the local Asian grocery store) I always wonder why I don't do all of my produce shopping there. They have great prices, and the produce looks like it's still living. I found lots of the special greens I was hoping for that are used in the salad book I recommended in the previous post. Among my usual veggies, I also got daikon radish, bean sprouts, chinese eggplant, gi choy (a little thicker than bok choy), radicchio, red basil, shallots, and snow pea tips. The real surprise was the snow pea tips. I'd never noticed those before! I can't wait to make that salad. They look delicious. A pretty good-sized bag was only $0.80. I also got a GREAT deal on tofu. They sold bulk boxes - twelve 12-ounce cakes for $8.28 ($0.69/box). It also is the kind that doesn't need refrigeration. I got a box of firm and a box of soft. And if we move, we can take it with us! I like to use it for the tofu sour cream, tofu frosting, and stir fries. Yum.

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