Friday, August 20, 2010

Down For a Few Days!

After Amirah's fever and recovery she seemed to get worse again. In fact, this morning all of her symptoms mirrored exactly the list of symptoms for meningitis! B"H it's just strep, and as an afterthought I had Eli tested while we were at the doctor's. Both of them were positive. So, now all the kids are on antibiotics - a prophylactic for Raizel and Avi. Very glad it was just strep.

Needless to say, with all of that we just did a small amount of learning time this week. But what we did learn about was very interesting!

•The final fall of the Roman Empire, the conquering Barbarians, and the fearsome Celts.

•Jellyfish - not as simple as they appear, especially with their incredible system of rapid-firing nematocysts. WOW!

•Readalouds: Two Nancy Drew mysteries plus the Chofetz Chaim/Family Lesson a Day on the laws of speech

•Math - Amirah started Level 2 in Singapore Math. It's mostly just review, so I was able to pass her the book to go work on at her desk. Eli is gleefully tearing through Level 1, and Raizel is doing the same with her kindergarten book. They all really like math, especially Eli.

•Language - We're memorizing a new poem (anyone remember The Goops??!!)

•Chumash - We're reading through the first parsha of the torah now. What a pleasure! We started a shoresh list too (shoresh is a word root, upon which many related words are based).

•Tefillah - We're mostly focusing on fluent translation of all our daily berachos.

•Hebrew - We're just reviewing male/female verb and adjective forms and working quickly through the second half of Yesodos Halashon, Book A.

So... a nice half-week, more or less. Since we didn't do any learning today I was able to tackle those last few boxes. I think I only have 2 or 3 boxes left now. Mostly a bunch of learning/office supplies and a box of games that just need to go into the games closet. I also had a chance to give the floors a good mop. They felt great! For about 15 minutes! :) My next project is to organize our learning supplies in a useful way and make good use of my mama-only storage cabinet! Hoping to tackle that Saturday night.

Off to bed now, and hoping that Amirah has a much more restful night than last night!

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