Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our New Schedule

At last, we've cranked up to full-steam ahead. Except the part about having dinner ready. I haven't figured out how to do that again. Or how to have the house cleaned (kind of, sort of) long before 11:00 pm. (10:00 would be good!)

So, for now, this is a day in the life of the Alpidarko Family. :)

8:45, davening
9:30, breakfast
10:00, parsha stories, studying chagim (holidays), Hebrew songs
10:45, Amirah's kodesh studies (mostly chumash and Hebrew)
11:45, Eli's studies, part A (math, writing)
12:15, Raizel's studies (math, writing, Hebrew)
12:45, lunch
1:30, story time (science alternating with history + our current readaloud)
2:15, history or science activity w/all (if needed)
2:30, Amirah's chol studies (language arts and math)
3:45, Eli's studies, part B (Hebrew, reading)

This is all pretty approximate. I don't stick to the clock to the minute at all. Sometimes I'll skip Raizel's time if we're a little behind. Or if we're running well ahead of schedule I'll skip a subject here and there. (Being ahead is good; we can bank it for sick time later!)

I'll elaborate more on Amirah's studies in another post. We've been having a good time so far, and I'm really happy with the materials we're using. We're still waiting for a supplementary box of books of logic puzzles, one-minute mysteries, etc. to spice up our day a little.

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