Thursday, August 12, 2010

Flat Stanley

We are participating in a Flat Stanley project with homeschooling families around the country. Amirah dictated a letter about her life here that will go with the picture of herself to the participating families. Here's the letter!



My name is Amirah Binyaminah Earlix. I am seven years old. I have two brothers and one sister. My brother, Eli, is five years old. My little sister, Raizel, is four. My littlest brother, Avi, is two. My parents’ names are Kerith and Dean Earlix. We adopted Avi and Raizel from Ethiopia two years ago. I wish we could go back and adopt three more sisters and a brother.

We live in Savannah, Georgia. We moved here from Portland, Oregon in January. We really enjoy Savannah. We get a very tiny bit of snow every few years. The summers are humid and very hot. The best seasons here are fall, spring, and winter. We are twenty-five minutes away from the ocean. Downtown has horses and buggies and cobblestone streets. Downtown is very, very old. There are lots of alligators, jellyfish, and dolphins in the waters around here.

We have a 35-gallon fish tank with four cichlids and a suckerfish. We also have two hermit crabs. We used to have a cat, but he died at 19. We also used to have two guppies. They died not too long ago. We’re hoping to get chickens and ducks soon, and also some worms to make compost.

My favorite subject is science, especially zoology. My least favorite subject is writing. I like to do art projects, especially painting with messy paints. I also like to go camping.

Our family is Jewish. My favorite day of the week is called shabbos. It starts on Friday night. We spend all day Friday cooking and cleaning. We make a special bread called challah to eat with every meal. It tastes delicious. Before dinner, I go to the synagogue with my father. I like the synagogue because there are a lot of friends there to play with. Afterwards, we come home and sing and eat a special meal. The next day, I go back to the synagogue with my father for the whole morning. Most times, my mother comes to the synagogue with my brothers and sister after the 3-hour service is over. We talk and visit then go home or to a friend’s house for lunch. The rest of the day is for resting, playing, and listening to torah stories. At the end of the day we go back to synagogue, then after that a new week begins!


Amirah Earlix


Now we just have to get our first package ready to send off. A fun project! We'll be keeping track of where the other Flat Stanley letters come from, and where ours go to, and learn a little US geography along the way.

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