Thursday, August 26, 2010


The cichlids got sick. Today our learning time was a bit, er, unconventional. It consisted of lessons in pH, substrate, salts, antibiotics, acquiring a sample of monitor skin from the aquarium store (to put under the microscope), petting a gigantic tortoise as it took its exercise in same store, hoping that Crunchy recovers from his infection, wondering what his infected area would look like under a microscope, observing major changes in the social order and behavior of the fish, catching a suckerfish that leapt straight out of the water while we were trying to transfer him back to the tank, and then deciding that, by the time this was all taken care of, we might as well just clean house instead of pull out any of our learning materials.

The house isn't exactly ahead in the clean department, but at least it's not too far behind, and the learning room got spruced up a little more. That and finishing our Zoology 2 book and reading a couple of chapters of a Nancy Drew mystery pretty much summed up our day before dinner. Learning comes from lots of different places. We take things as they come to us!

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