Friday, August 6, 2010

Long Time, No Blog!

We've been a bit busy! Camp for the three bigs, moving down the street, unpacking, and fighting various viruses (thanks to camp, no doubt!).

Top headlines:

The kids have had a GREAT time at camp.

I had a great time packing and unpacking with most of the kids at camp.

We acquired a 35-gallon aquarium with 4 cichlids and 1 suckerfish for peanuts (the fish are 5-7 inches long!). Perfect for the marine biology class we're in the midst of! Hermit crabs fit in with that unit too (although ours are land crabs). We like our "classroom pets."

The house is lovely, lovely. I'm so glad we moved here and can't wait to get some fencing up to enlarge the area of the backyard. Looking forward to putting together new bookshelves and beds when we get an opportunity, hopefully on Sunday.

The hermit crabs have been playing musical shells. Kind of fun to wake up and see who is where!

I'm fighting a bad cold and dreadfully tired, but looking forward to shabbos and lots of sleep. Hoping to be back to full steam on Sunday to get closer to being done with the unpacking. We're really down to books and a few miscellaneous boxes. I also need to do some organizing in our learning room so that's all ready. We'll probably take the coming week off, more or less. Maybe just some reading and science. Get the last of the stuff put away. Then the following week we'll be back at it! The holidays are really early this year, so I want to get an early start.

So... next, the menu!

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