Friday, September 3, 2010

The Menu

AT LAST! My cooking fire got re-lit! Stove's fine, just my inspiration in the kitchen was lacking... :)

Here 'tis:

minute steaks (thanks to Kroger's 35% off deals!)
mashed potatoes
mashed sweet potatoes (the regular potatoes were supposed to be roasted but oldest DD really wanted mashed, so we're having double-mashed)
arugula and black cherry tomato salad (thanks to the *wonderful* Bluffton farmers market)
roasted tomatoes with fresh basil and garlic (ditto!)
roasted okra
roasted red pepper salad with preserved lemons and capers
white cake with lemon curd and macerated cherries

And for tomorrow...

lots of the above, plus...
beef cholent
plate of fresh heirloom tomatoes with basil (yay, Bluffton!)
marinated mushrooms
cucumber salad
and dessert from our wonderful lunch guests

The Bluffton farmers market was a wonderful trip yesterday. A culinary inspiration! So glad to have real vegetables. The prices were mostly the same as Kroger, but eggplants and heirloom tomatoes were less than half the cost. I wish it were closer - it's about a 40-minute drive. It might be worth doing 2x/month, though. Got so many yummy things: three kinds of tomatoes, okra, eggplant, peaches, muscadines, arugula (my favorite!!!!!!), basil (that you could smell half a block away!), dainty very white sweet potatoes... I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

Good shabbos, all!

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