Thursday, September 16, 2010

Morning Learning/Afternoon Outing

This morning we got up and jumped through our learning time lickety split (mostly just the things that *had* to get finished up before our sukkos vacation begins). Then we packed up a little lunch and had a picnic at Skidaway Island State Park. Before going to the picnic area we cruised through the campground thinking we would look to see which campsites were the good ones. Turns out the most of them are very nice and very spacious. We're going to see if we can go camping for a few days after the yamim tovim are over. We get a few nights free with our state park pass, and Dean could camp-commute. There would be plenty of things to do there during the day if he took the car. So, we'll see!

Skidaway is one of my favorite places, and being only five miles from our house that's very nice indeed! Here are some pics from our visit there...

We had lots of fun at the playground!

After that we headed to the nearby aquarium, one of our other favorite places. Pictures are uploading excruciatingly slowly, so I'll post more another time. It was just really nice to get out for the afternoon. I started thinking maybe on Wednesdays we'll make a habit of finishing up by lunchtime, then going on an outing.

The rest of the week is rolling towards us. Tomorrow morning we get a new sink (yay!). Then Yom Kippur is Friday/Saturday, then Savta comes on Sunday, and we get ready for the lovely sukkos holiday. No learning time that week! Then in October, time returns to normal. Looking forward to the coming days.

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