Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ready or not... it comes! Rosh Hashanah arrives in 19 hours, and with it the year 5771. Needless to say, a lot of cooking has been happening around here. I don't feel entirely on top of it, but here's what we'll be eating...

Wednesday, dinner:
simanim (pomegranate, dates, apples/honey, roasted fish head, roasted carrots/beets)
raisin & apple challah
harira (Moroccan tomato/chick pea soup)
lamb ribs (DH just wrestled with an entire half-lamb and this is what we're trying first)
roasted potatoes
roasted carrots and beets
sweet potato apple puree
honey cake

Thursday, lunch:
raisin & apple challah
roasted red peppers
Moroccan fish (snapper w/ sweet peppers, served cold)
apricot chicken tagine
cous cous with veggies
Moroccan carrot salad
Moroccan eggplant tomato salad
honey cake

Thursday, dinner:
simanim, plus starfruit for shehecheyanu
raisin & apple challah
tilapia cakes w/special sauce
matzo ball soup
chicken tagine with preserved lemons and olives
cous cous and salads from lunch
apple cake

Friday, lunch:
raisin & apple challah
green salad
eggplant parmesan
apple cheesecake

Friday, dinner:
raisin & apple challah
tilapia cakes w/special sauce
matzo ball soup
beef piroshki
mashed potatoes
roasted veggies
apple cake

Saturday, lunch:
raisin & apple challah
pastrami sandwiches
ad lib salads
whatever desserts are hanging around

And then I'll keel over and not get up until Monday! :)

Shanah tovah to you all! May you be inscribed in the Book of Life and may you have a year filled with torah, health, and good parnassah.


Bat-Ami said...

You never cease to amaze
Shana tova!

alpidarkomama said...

I think I'm deleting a few things... we've been dealing with a severe migraine here (DH). :( Hoping we don't end up at the hospital this afternoon. :( :( :(

alpidarkomama said...

No hospital, B"H! And tonight will just be me and the kids, so we're just having simanim, challah, lamb, potatoes, carrots/beets, and honey cake.