Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekday Menus


bagels and eggs

We had four other kids spending the night, so I thought part of our fun would include rolling out bagels. So, we did. And bagels and eggs it was.

Cost? About $0.45 per person! So, 10 people ate for about $4.50. (Cream cheese doubled the cost of the meal!)


potatoes with cholent

The cholent was free (May leftovers from shul!), and the potatoes were cheap. Another almost free dinner.

Cost? I would guess about $0.50 per adult serving. The whole family ate for about $2.25.


pinto bean veggie burgers (2 cups pre-soaked/frozen/defrosted pinto beans, 3 cloves garlic, 1/4 c. flour, 1 T. cumin, 1/2 onion... I think!)
spinach salad (spinach, lemon juice, oil, salt)

Every time I make veggie burgers I say I have to do it more often. Sometimes I add oatmeal. I most often use pintos, black beans, or chick peas. I grind all the ingredients together in the food processor, then pan-fry the patties. It takes *very* little time to make and it's nice to have a bean dish that doesn't have to sit on the stove forever.

Total cost? $0.25 per burger (including condiments and a homemade bun) and $0.20 per adult serving of spinach salad. Adults had 2 burgers (they're small) plus salad for a cost of $0.70 per adult! The whole family ate for $2.75. (The kids mostly had no condiments, except ketchup.)


All of these frugal meals will help to make up for what is coming... three days of yamim tovim! I've already baked a lot for the meals to come, and we're hosting every day except the first night. Hopefully, I'll get our food list up before yom tov starts tomorrow night!

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