Monday, September 6, 2010

Newest Favorite Food

I had these ages and ages ago and liked them then, and finally figured out how to get the ingredients and make them myself.

rice paper
thinly sliced veggies (cucumber, red pepper, carrot, green onion, lettuce, bean sprouts, cabbage, cilantro)
thinly sliced tofu (or you could probably use chicken or beef)

You just soak the rice paper in a bit of water for less than a minute. It will become completely limp. You place your veggies and tofu in the middle, then roll it like a blintz. Or you can roll it more like a bouquet of flowers. Dip it in sauce and... YUM! I crave this for lunch. I never get tired of it.

You can use all kinds of sauces: sweet chili sauce, soy/ginger/garlic/rice vinegar/corn starch sauce, Thai peanut sauce... It's good with everything. Definitely one of my favorite foods these days. That and preserved lemons. Can't get enough of those either.

Culinary delights on the mind with all the holidays coming... Tomorrow and Tuesday are going to be two VERY busy cooking days since I just got started today.

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