Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Book Review: The Silver Cup

This was the book we read last week. You can read more about the plot here. What I really liked about this book is the same thing I really liked about another book we read quite a while ago - The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden. In both books, people from two utterly different religions meet and connect, but it does not melt into an "everyone is really the same" blather. The respect that develops between the characters is real, and each sees that for the other person to abandon their own culture/religion would be the same as death. A plot that could be so fraught with peril from a Jewish standpoint has been handled with great sensitivity.

It really is middle school/high school reading material, but the tale is beautifully told. I did read a chapter ahead before reading it aloud in order to edit out some of the parts that made even me squirm. The Crusaders (and knights) were given no sympathy or justification, and no words were minced about their horrible treatment of the Jews.

So, this book would definitely not be for more sensitive, younger children, but for ours it was good. This was the author's first book (she's a retired lawyer), and I hope for more to come.

And for this week, we've started Treasure Island!


Regina said...

I am really enjoying your blog. In one of your posts you mentioned a "kosher" literature list. Is it something that you put together or you got it from somewhere. I would be very interested in seeing one. I am always looking for good wholesome literature for my kids which is consistent with frum values. Thanks for sharing. Regina

alpidarkomama said...

Thanks! (And, wow, a comment from someone I don't know!). I'll post a link to the list. :)