Friday, December 24, 2010

Orange Marmalade, Part 2

You know all that stuff I wrote about yesterday? About the orange marmalade not being up to par with the traditional recipe? Forget about it! The marmalade has mellowed out a lot in just one day, and I'm sure it will mellow even more (though we think it's perfect right now). It's so thick, you can turn the jar upside down without spilling any. I've added a little more water to the two batches that are on the stove right now (about 1-1/2 cups water to 9 cups of almost-puréed oranges and 9 cups sugar).

I also put up two quarts of preserved oranges, which are used in Moroccan cooking just like preserved lemons. Can't wait to use them in a recipe! I've been pretty giddy working in the kitchen. The kids made a huge batch of applesauce, so that's cooking away right now. Four dozen hamburger/hot dog buns are about to bake. Hopefully a 5-loaf batch of our cracked wheat oatmeal bread. It's been FUN to have a whole day for this. And meanwhile, I hear DH in the learning room pounding together our new floor. A very good day, indeed!

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