Friday, December 31, 2010

The Week

What a week. Art projects and more art projects, playing in the backyard, visiting the baby bisons at Oatland Island (in the sunny weather!), a token bit of science and not much else, sleeping later than usual and cuddling WAY longer than usual, lots of kitchen time (and really inspired at the moment, too!)...

I hadn't really intended this to be a two-week semi-vacation from our learning time, but I think the part of me that has been on an academic schedule since age 5 just couldn't keep on going despite all intentions to the contrary.

One of the best parts? DH having last Friday and this Friday off! Wouldn't 4-day work weeks every week be lovely? YES! Sigh... We took good advantage of them. DH put in the new floor in the learning room and it looks great. He's nearly done with all the shelving in the closet. So satisfying to have done it ourselves. In the fall we thought it very odd that contractors would appear at our house, wax enthusiastic about the project, and then never be heard from again. Or phone calls wouldn't be returned. Or... Turns out Hashem knew we were just supposed to be doing it ourselves and conserving our financial resources for other things. It's one of those times when you just think, "How could we NOT have thought of just doing it ourselves?" Next, on to the music room!

The week was very nice, and I am looking forward to diving back into our learning next week—especially since we'll be in our nice, new, bright learning room! I'll post a picture as soon as it's done.

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