Friday, December 17, 2010

The Menu

Shabbos is coming, shabbos is coming!

And for tonight, we're having...

asparagus vichyssoise
oven-fried chicken
roasted potatoes
taktouka (Moroccan roasted green pepper and tomato salad, with lots of smoky paprika)
carrot/lettuce/dried cherry salad with rice vinegar vinaigrette and toasted almonds
brownies and chocolate ice "cream"*

And for lunch...

some of the above, plus
rice salad
tortilla espaƱola (kind of like a potato/onion frittata)

*My favorite pareve frosting is a melted bag of chocolate chips combined with a cake of tofu and sugar to taste. This frosting can also be served as a mousse, or frozen and called ice cream. Very versatile! This time, to stretch it further since we have a lot of lunch guests, I added a can of coconut milk. YUM.

Good shabbos, all!

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