Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our Day of Learning

We had such a nice day!


• went to Ft. Jackson and participated in a 21-gun salute as the USS Taylor sailed by, simultaneous to the passing of the Georgiana, a huge freighter. We liked the big cannon! Here's the news video. At the very end you can hear Earlix kids cheering in the background (it was us, the news crew, the cannon firer, and two other people).

• got jelly doughnuts (á la sufganiyot) at Krispy Kreme.

• came home and sang a bunch of channukah songs.

• played channukah charades.

• had an exciting channukah quiz, with questions for each level.

• read a chapter from Tom Sawyer (even with somewhat archaic and therefore unfamiliar language they clamor for chapter after chapter).

• made some channukah decorations.

• lit candles and had a chocolate gelt hunt (our nightly tradition).

• went to a channukah party (cheap pizza, and free donuts and soda - OY!).

• read a chapter in High Country Adventure (about a boy whose small plane crashes in the wilderness and he and the pilot have to hike/canoe 150 miles through the Canadian wilderness).

• read a lesson from the family Chofetz Chaim Lesson-a-Day.

It was nice to do a lot of things not in our normal routine. Lots to squeeze in tomorrow before shabbos starts, though. Channukah sameach to everyone!

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