Friday, December 3, 2010

The Menu

For dinner:

roast lamb & chicken
sweet potato persimmon kugel
sweet and sour cabbage salad
roasted carrots
brown rice pilaf
mashed potatoes
chocolate covered strawberries

And for lunch:

some of the above (olives, kugel, cabbage, pilaf, strawberries), plus...

tilapia quenelles (dumplings)
cucumber salad
tomato salad
potato salad
guacamole and chips

And now..... time for a good night's sleep, so good night!


Inbal said...

Yummmy!!!! Man, your Shabbos menus are truly incredible!!! Yum Yum YUM! I want ALL the recipes please! :)

alpidarkomama said...

Well... the quenelles turned into a fish loaf which got overcooked, and I burned the cholent, but otherwise the food was good, and I had forgiving guests who didn't mind turning it into a dairy meal. :) :) :) I'll post some recipes...