Friday, April 15, 2011

The Day

So much today! We did some things around the house before heading out to Ottawa Farms to pick strawberries. It's quick picking because the strawberries are huge, and neatly lying in little raised beds. We brought lunch and strawberry-washing supplies so had a nice little picnic there. Southern Swiss Dairy also has milk and cream for sale there, so we picked up all of their cream (no, not just for us... we delivered a few around town!) and a couple of gallons of their delicious milk. One gallon is already turning into yogurt.

After Ottawa Farms we went to the Bluffton Farmers Market. If it weren't 40 minutes away, I'd be going there every Thursday! Such a lovely setting, and so many wonderful vegetables. We packed our bags with all kinds of vegetable treats for pesach then headed home. They slept all the way back.

Tonight, more preparing for pesach, but we're in good shape. We picked the loquats on our tree and ended up with a bowl of the ripest ones for shabbos eating, and the rest turned into a quart and a half of jam. They're high in pectin, so it was perfect for pesach since they jell themselves without pectin. While I was at it I made 3-1/2 quarts of lemon curd for the yogurt. YUM. I'm hoping to get a batch of tomato sauce and a big batch of applesauce done by Sunday. I want to jam some of the strawberries too. Dean axed apart a half of a lamb that's been in the freezer since August. We ate the first half in the fall. Now we'll start in on the second half during pesach! :)

Tomorrow, a bunch of regular cleaning (for schmutz, not chametz!), picking up a couple more items, and looking forward to having a few overnight guests this shabbos! Really looking forward to pesach, and have so much enjoyed the preparations this year (??!!!?!?!). I've never really heard myself say that before!

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