Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool

Courtesy of my dear husband, a little black humor (and not all that far off from things that have been happening there):

Itamar Police Raid Follows
Arab Attack on Setters

Judean Samaria, ISRAEL

As reported yesterday, an Arab gang attacked a group Itamar elementary school children, who fought off their attackers using school notebooks and pencils. The Arabs later accused the children of charging out of their classroom and attacking them, brandishing sharpened writing implements, with no provocation whatsoever. This morning, Israeli police conducted a daring 4:30 A.M. raid in Itamar, capturing all pencils in Itamar as well as arresting the children, their teachers, parents, and a classroom pet mouse.

Stunned residents of Itamar told reporters they thought, at first, the police were invading terrorists themselves. "One day," an Itamar resident predicted, "terrorists will dress up as police and nobody will know they were terrorists!" A pair of policemen, overhearing the remark, laughed uproariously at the comment, then continued their conversation in Arabic.

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